Our Mission

We are here to empower and grow Australian Agribusinesses through clever, modern and creative marketing strategies, dynamic and engaging content creation and experienced data-led media buying decisions.

Our Vision

Our vision to be a renowned advertising agency in the agriculture space. An agency agribusinesses are proud and confident to refer. Creating marketing campaigns that are world-class and industry leading.

Our Partners

Dylan, Partner for Content & Social

Dylan Webber is the founder of Vidsta, an video production powerhouse in the ag-sector. There is not a box he hasn't thought outside of. Dylan's passion for visual story-telling combined with marketing expertise means you're in safe hands. Facilitating more than 5,000 video productions in the past 5 years, Dylan is well versed when it comes to what creative works. Combining creative with design is where the magic happens, which is how the Country Market team kick goals for our agribusinesses.

Lyndsey, Partner for copy, brand voice and communications

Lyndsey is a professional writer with almost twenty years experience. You would have seen her as a journalist for one of the many agri news outlets around Australia she worked for. Lyndsey is our resident PR and Media manager and is one of the most well connected agri-journalists getting around. If there's a story, she'll find it and get it on the air with the right channel for your overall strategy.

Roxy, partner for Brand Strategy & positioning

As a Certified Practising Marketer and Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute, Roxanne isn’t afraid to say no. In fact, she often does. Roxanne believes there are enough ‘yes’ people already, instead pushing her clients out of their comfort zones to achieve their full potential. A die-hard collaborator, Roxanne knows people do business with people. She’ll often say social media is more about psychology than technology. She also believes the power of gratitude shouldn’t be underestimated.

Mik, Partner for Digital

Having worked in the digital marketing field for over 15 years, Mik has had the privilege to help with SEO, paid advertising and content marketing strategies for many top-level national and global clients across several industries. Mik has a very analytical and data-driven approach to paid marketing campaigns with a strong focus on market research, keyword assessment, product viability, competitor analysis, and performance testing.

Angelo, partner for design

Angelo has been fighting ugly designs for over 20 years, helping brands look the best they can. From logos, to websites and everything in between, Angelo has more than 2 decades experience in bringing ideas to life in a strategic and visually appealing way. Based in Rockhampton, Queensland, Angelo is our go to for everything graphic and web design related.

Beau, Partner for print, uniforms and merchandise

Beau is efficient, fast and capable of bringing your brand to life on just about any type of product. From uniforms to hats, to wrapping the Hilux, Beau knows how to get it done - and what's more - he provide expert insight into how you could turn merchandise into something your target customer will remember for a long time.