We are your Full-Service Marketing Partner

We partner with our customers long-term, to ensure we are empowering your agribusiness with innovative marketing strategies, cutting-edge digital solutions, and a deep understanding of Australia’s agricultural heartland. Country Market has the people, expertise and creative strategies to really create amazing results together.

Brand Strategy & Development

Establish a strong foundation with a clear brand identity, market positioning and messaging that resonates with your target customer. This foundation informs all other marketing efforts, ensuring consistency and coherence across all digital and traditional channels, public relations and your branded merchandise.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

If you've already developed a strong brand, we can help you leverage online platforms to run strategically crafted content toward highly targeted audiences that drive engagement, lead generation and sales. This includes email marketing, online paid advertising, all tailored to meet the specific goals for your business - no cookie-cutter campaigns. We think outside of the box and customise our ideas as if your business was ours.

Social Media Marketing & Management

At Country Market, we create and curate content for your social media platforms to foster community, engage with your audience and increase your brand visibility. This involves regular strategic planning, content creation and constant reporting on analytics to continue building the size of your channels and engagement numbers. Social media has the power to create real world results much quicker than traditional marketing approaches, yet is often under-utilised in the agricultural sector in Australia.

get found faster on google

When was the last time you searched for something on Google and clicked through to page 2, 3, 4 and so on, when on the hunt for your information? Never. Like you, the data says over 85% of people won't click to page two of search results which means you need to be on page one for the searches that matter to your brand. This means having an active Google My Business presence, maintaining key words on your website, regular blogs, and really nailing your SEO and perhaps Google Ads to see your website generate sales or leads.

Research & reporting

Our research and reports are created from deep dives into market trends, consumer behaviour, competitor marketing analysis and campaign performance to inform your strategy adjustments and demonstrate ROI. This data-driven approach helps in making informed decisions that align with your agribusiness' goals. Working with Country Market, everything is driven by data and ways we can continually improve it.

Public Relations & Media

We manage the reputation and public perception of your brand by building and maintaining a positive brand image through media coverage, press releases, and strategic communications. This is key for establishing credibility and authority in the agribusiness sector. Developing a positive public perception can happen in two ways - one is by doing a great job by your client day in and day out, and maybe over ten or twenty - even fifty years you build a strong brand perception. Two is by utilising PR and media to get there faster - ever wondered how new kids on the block explode out of the gates? Imagine combining your current strong brand with PR - that's where magic sits.

TV, Radio, Press & Billboards

There isn't a media type that can't be bought, or an audience that can't be reached to help your agribusiness grow. Utilising traditional media channels to reach a broader audience is a great way to grow your brand identity. This is especially effective in areas where digital penetration is limited or when targeting customers that prefer to get their news from these sources.

website design & development

Your website is where your customer usually will go to find out more about you and naturally this is where they'll create their opinion or first impression of your business. When we design your website we make sure it's firstly very easy to use and navigate, secondly everything looks amazing on a computer and on a phone, and thirdly we make sure it's built to generate leads and sales for you. We make sure your website always has those three components working for you. Your website is like your shopfront that never closes, that sales guy that works for free and no commission 24-7.

Video production

In 2024, Video is king of content. It quickly and efficiently connects your audience to your brand in a way that all other content types can't. It tells your story, your customers stories, recruits better staff and more. At Country Market, we have partnered with the Australian agri-powerhouse Vidsta. The team behind some of the most engaging agri-brands in Australia. Vidsta has videographers living all over Australia and around the world, so they help us execute campaign briefs to ensure your advertising is engaging and remembered.


Whether for your next event, for a new website or for marketing content - our photographers will bring briefs to life in a way that showcases your services and products in a professional and creative way.

Graphic Design

Our graphic designers make your brand look amazing and consistent on any channel. Think of Toyota - the dealerships look the same, they use the same graphics on every channel, and they're easily remembered. Let's make sure your brand is easily recognised no matter where it's seen - at an event, on a billboard, on Facebook or Television - we need it to look consistent - and that's what we do for you.


Country Market specialises in the agribusiness sector, combining deep industry knowledge with innovative marketing strategies to help your agribusiness stand out. Our team is dedicated to understanding the unique challenges and opportunities within Australian agriculture, ensuring our solutions are perfectly tailored to your needs every time.

Our approach begins with thorough research to understand your business, the market, and your audience. We then craft a comprehensive brand strategy that includes positioning, voice, visual identity, and messaging, all designed to resonate with your target market and differentiate you from competitors.

Absolutely! We offer services tailored to new agribusinesses, including brand creation, digital marketing setup, and strategic planning to ensure a strong market entry. We’re here to guide you through every step of establishing your brand and connecting with your audience. We can create your logos and brand, website, launch videos, photoshoots, merchandise and more.

We provide a full suite of digital marketing services, including SEO, Google Ads, social media management, content creation, email marketing, landing page development, lead generation and paid advertising. Our strategies are designed to increase your online presence, engage with your audience, and drive real world business back to your company.

Success is measured using a variety of metrics, including website traffic, engagement rates, conversion rates, and Return on your investment (ROI). We use advanced analytics tools to track these metrics, allowing us to refine strategies for optimal performance. Regular reporting keeps you informed of your campaign’s success.

When tracking the performance of a campaign we break your campaign goal into two segments; Call to action, or branding. If it was a call to action we’re measuring how many leads or sales were generated, how many people saw the campaign and metrics like this. If it’s a branding campaign, we want to measure the number of impressions, engagements, new followers, the reach and metrics like this. 

We believe in always branding before asking which means telling people your story before offering a deal. Branding before asking is a strategy that we believe to be crucial to success. Think about it – we’re all buying Toyota’s before we buy a Great Wall. Why is that? Because Toyota has built an amazing brand over time and Great Wall has come straight into the market only offering deals. We don’t know them like we know Toyota. We do the same with our clients – ensuring customers know you before we ask them to spend money or give us contact information.

Yes, we are a full-service marketing agency and we absolutely recognise the value of traditional marketing channels for agribusinesses. Our services include media buying and strategy across TV, radio, print and billboard activations, as well as direct mail campaigns. We help you integrate traditional media with digital strategies for comprehensive market coverage. Our relationships in the traditional media space have been fostered over 20 years and allow us to book media anywhere in Australia.

Definitely – and so much more. A strong online presence is crucial for agribusinesses. We offer website design and development services tailored to the agriculture sector, ensuring your site looks amazing, is easy for your customers to use, generates sales or leads for your business and stands out on any device. It’s important to make sure your website looks amazing from a smartphone, as over 85% of traffic are generally visiting your website from their phone.

Getting started is easy. Contact us via our website or give us a call to schedule an initial consultation. We’ll discuss your business goals, challenges, and how our services can help bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

We can partner with you ongoing as your outsourced marketing team, we can support your existing marketing team, we can work on large scale long-term projects or work on simple logo redesigns. 

Our preference is working together ongoing, long term, as this helps us build a relationship and partnership that we can be proud of and continually support growth through strategic marketing month-on-month. Branding and marketing is an area of the business that should never stop, and there is always areas to improve and work to be done. By partnering with Country Market, you can be sure you’ve got a team in your back pocket focussed on the growth of your agribusiness.